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If you're reading this I bet you've experienced nuisance circuit breaker tripping in your home?

Don’t worry! At Aussie Sparkys and Air we deal with this on a daily basis, and we'd like to show you what you need to do. Read along to find out the top 5 causes of circuit breaker tripping that we have seen here in the Hunter!

Call our electrical repair and service experts when you’re experiencing circuit breaker tripping in your home!

Whats happening when your circuit breaker trips?

There's 3 ways a circuit breaker can trip. Short circuit, overload and failed circuit breaker.

So, what are the top causes of circuit breaker tripping?

There are countless problems that may cause your circuit breaker to trip. So we have decided to stick with the top 5 that we at Aussie Sparkys and Air notice while in the field.

1. Extreme appliance use. Every circuit breaker is set to control a very specific amount of electrical current, which is measured in amps. When this specific number of amps has exceeded its capacity, the breaker will trip every time (the exception being if a faulty breaker is at play). For example, your breaker may trip if you plug in your shiny new 75inch TV into a circuit that is already near or at maximum capacity.

2. High-amperage appliances. Certain appliances draw an outrageously large amount of power. Types of appliances to be wary of include, toasters, vacuum cleaners, kettles, microwaves, portable heaters and hair dryers. If multiple high amperage appliances are going to be used at the same time consideration should be taken as to which circuit these appliances are plugged into. This will greatly reduce the chance of circuit overload.

3. Damaged breakers. Damaged or worn out breakers are often overlooked. Just like any tool or appliance your home breakers have a shelf life and will inevitably give way to old age. Unfortunately, when this happens they can start randomly nuisance tripping or even refuse to function at all. The good news is, circuit breaker replacement is a fast and easy job when handled by a professional.

4. Storm surges. Although storm surges are not the most likely cause of a breaker tripping, storms and lightning strikes are known for causing damage to electrical boards. There is measures that home owners can take to prevent such events, including whole-home surge protection. However, many choose to take the most economical route and buy surge protection outlets, which can be found at electrical appliance stores.

5. Faulty wiring. Over time wiring may begin to wear out or damage. This can open up your home to short circuiting, which will not only result in your circuit breaker tripping but is also incredibly dangerous. We recommend that your home wiring is inspected regularly. If you have noticed a rodent problem an inspection may also be required to ensure rats or mice have not chewed into your wiring circuits.

Circuit Breaker Tripping Repair and Service in Maitland, Raymond Terrace, Port Stephens and Newcastle.

If you’re fed up with your circuit breaker tripping and our suggestions are still not fixing your problem. Contact our specialist electricians today! We have the know-how to fix your circuit breaker problems, guaranteed!

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